What are the Knee Pain Dos and Dont’s

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Knee pain is common amongst all ages. The knee is one of the biggest and most complex joints connecting the upper leg to the lower leg. Because of its complex structure, it’s very difficult to establish the exact causes of knee pain.

Below we suggest some tips which will help make knee pain disappear.

Trauma caused knee pain

You can get knee injuries while doing physical activities or you can get them as a result of accidents. The causes of traumatic knee pain can be a sudden change in direction, falling from a height, being hit directly on the knee. These traumas include broken bones, torn tissues or dislocated kneecaps.

  • While doing sports or playing outdoor games, make sure to wear a helmet to protect your head in case of possible accidents. But your knee can experience trauma as well, so you should consider kneepads/braces as security equipment. They play the same role as airbags in car accidents.
  • Ice can be the first treatment for the injured knee. Freezing the trauma-affected area helps stop the inflammation and reduces pain.

Knee pain caused by metabolic disorders

It’s not a secret that what we eat or drink affects our state of health. Our body cells convert food and drinks into energy which is necessary for everyday activities.

But metabolic disorders also can occur. People having metabolic disorders like gout are more inclined to experience chronic knee pain. The reason for this is that gout causes uric acid crystals to build up in joints. This makes knee movements painful. So if you are suffering from knee pain secondary to gout, you should plan a new menu for yourself.

Take care of your drinking habits as well. Drink more water. It absorbs uric acid. Minimize the amount of alcohol because it can raise the level of uric acid.

Knee pain caused by overuse

Very often than not, your knee joints are in non-stop motion or are carrying some strain. All these walking, running, bending, kneeling, kicking and other motions can cause stress on the knee joint and make the joint wear out.

Bending your knee over and over is the reason for knee overuse. Worn out joints cause significant pain and swelling around your kneecap. This comes with age and activity level. This process can be prevented or at least slowed down. There are ways that may help prevent knee pain.

  • Humid air makes age-related knee pain worse. If you are feeling bad, start looking for a dry area to live in.
  • Avoid high-impact exercises. Replace running and jumping with walking and biking. Many times, knee pain may be caused by some minor problem and you can overcome it without surgical intervention.

But if you are experiencing knee pain too often, then maybe it’s time to turn to a professional. At RMS Boca, we will make sure to take the pain away. Our experienced physicians will provide you with comprehensive treatment. Call us to schedule an appointment at 561-226-4950.

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