How to overcome Back Pain and Live a Happy Life Again

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Yesterday you went to bed without any complaints concerning your health. Today you feel uncomfortable when doing such simple activities as walking your dog, getting something from high shelves or tying shoelaces. You are not the first one experiencing back pain. It can affect people of any age though it’s more common among adults aged 35 and up.

Back pain is directly related to the way the bones, muscles, and nerves of your back work together. The causes of back pain differ in a wide range. They can randomly be classified in the following way:


Your spine consists of bones and joints which connect those bones and soft pads (spinal disks) covering the joints. As you age these disks wear out and spinal bones begin to rub against each other more intensively. This can cause pain and discomfort while moving.


This category covers everyday activities that affect our spine negatively and cause back pain. Over-exercising in a gym can harm your back. Muscle spasms and strains can occur while stretching in a wrong way or picking up too many heavyweights. Wearing high heels, smoking, being overweight, lacking the right posture and many other things can be primary or secondary reasons for back pain.

Health conditions

Back pain may be caused by such serious health problems as cancer, tumors and kidney stones. These cases are at high risk. They demand a certain medical treatment.

Mild back pain can be managed easily. There are some simple tricks which will help you to overcome it.

Avoid wearing high-heels

High heels are the reason for your unstable posture which causes pressure on your spine. So think twice before you wear them.

Be mobile

Maybe your job requires long hours of sitting in front of a computer or standing in the same position. This immobilized position is never good for your spine and back. Do 5-minute breaks within every hour. Stretching, walking and other available exercises will relieve the strain on your spine.

Choose a body assisting mattress

It’s very important where you sleep. Does your current mattress give comfort and support to your spine? A poor-assisting mattress can damage your back seriously.

Quit smoking

Cigarettes don’t have any positive impact on your health. Among other disease-causing characteristics, nicotine is also associated with increased pain severity in general. Smoking increases the risk of developing bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Take care of your weight

Your spine carries the whole mass of your body. The more you weigh, the bigger the pressure on your spine. Try to keep the healthy weight range depending on your height.

Mild back pain is not a problem of high risk. It can be managed without any medical intervention. But you’d better see your doctor if your back pain grows into numbness in your feet, or is so strong you have difficulty walking. At RMS Boca, we will help you get rid of all types of back pain. Call to schedule a consultation +1 561-226-4950.

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